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Merry Christmas We Survived A Year

Letter from the founder,

At the conclusion of what has been a very busy and productive 2023 at Cleaner Alliance we want to wish Los Angeles a Merry Christmas! Without our local Los Angeles community and our local customer base we wouldn't have made it this far and we're truly grateful!

Initially, I started out as a solo contractor from my tiny Hollywood Studio back in March of 2022. As I built momentum and got good at cleaning houses I started hiring local workers, experimented with different advertising platforms, and built a website for my company within the first 6-months of becoming a contractor. This is why the business seemingly came out of nowhere, because in a rather short period of time, I managed to scale past the point of being a singular contractor to hiring a team of workers within a span of 12-months.

The past 18-months feel like dog years. Halloween of 2022 - I incorporated as an limited liability company and launched the website. We experimented with NextDoor and Yelp advertising back in December of 2022 before deciding to build our business via Google in 2023.

Over the course of 2023, the Google ad product took a while for us to perfect. By the middle of the year Google became our best performing sales channel where we built our "Google Business Profile" page. By surfacing on Google Maps and building a reputation profile we managed to generate regular customers and grow our sales by over 300% from my peak month as a solo contractor from 2022.

To add to the momentum, Cleaner Alliance partnered with Home Depot Pro in June of 2023. Initially, we went from sourcing our cleaning supplies from a variety of low cost retail stores to then streamlining our purchases from Home Depot. As a consequence of partnering with Home Depot we've managed to service more customers in Los Angeles, buy better cleaning equipment, and build a stronger cleaning brand.

We also launched our Twitter/X social media profile in December of 2023 and will continue to provide blog post updates, photos of completed work, and launch ad campaigns for social.

Currently, we're establishing a reasonable amount of organic activity on the social twitter profile or populating the social media page with content. We're also hoping to gain the @cleaneralliance handle from some anonymous account, which we've filed a dispute with X directly.

By the end of December I'm happy to report that we've managed to grow our local cleaning team to 5 full/part-time workers. Our reputation on Google is a 4.8 and we've serviced over 1,000+ apartments, homes and offices by the end of 2023. We've grown from a non-existent base of customers to having the foundations of a successful growth company.

Despite the strong results we've had in 2023 there is still more work to do! We hope to optimize search/conversion based ads in January of 2024 and leverage the booking features on our website even more!

We plan on expanding to other cities such as Washington DC, Baltimore, San Francisco and San Diego by the end of 2024. This will represent a five-fold increase in service area and population from where we started in Los Angeles CA.

We're filming and producing our first TV-like commercials and deploying them via social ads by February or March of 2024. Developing film production and creating a tangible brand narrative is our biggest priority heading into January of 2024.

By the middle of 2024, we should have a working prototype of a mobile application and hope to launch the mobile app by October of 2024 or (roughly 2-years since inception). Developing a mobile app in-house will be costly, but we anticipate a tremendous ROI from the mobile app and anticipate the ease of workflow and on-boarding of workers to make the added investment and time worth the effort.

All of these action items will require a lot of work and sacrifice from the Cleaner Alliance team. I'm really thrilled we made it to Christmas of 2023 and survived another year. We've been very productive, and proactive in our community.

Merry Christmas,

Alex Cho Founder of Cleaner Alliance

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